Insulation And Isolation Tips
Insulation And Isolation Tips

Insulation And Isolation Tips

The Best Way To Accomplish Damp Proofing

Many people have heard of waterproofing before, but there is also damp proofing. It is a way of preventing moisture from entering into your building, typically the result of soil transitioning the moisture that is in it into your structure. There are ways that you can prevent both liquids and moisture from permeating through the exterior of your structure to the interior area. Here is an overview of how to do this, and why this could be one of the best choices that you ever make.

Damp Proofing

What Is Damp Proofing?

This is a process that has been occurring for many years. It is sometimes called waterproofing, but that is not what it is at all. In certain building codes, it is important to treat any of the masonry or concrete with specific exterior coatings that will prevent moisture from seeping in. If you were to do waterproofing, this would prevent all of the moisture from getting in. When you do this, you are going to prevent moisture from going into the cement portion of your structure. This should be done on your floors, ceiling, and also on your walls, thus preventing any type of moisture from causing potential damage.

How To Do Damp Proofing

In order to prevent the moisture that is in the surrounding soil around your structure from getting in, you are going to use a simple asphalt base material. You can either apply this by hand, or you can use a machine that can do it for you, allowing you to spray the surface so that moisture cannot penetrate the concrete masonry. You can find this material, as well as the tools that you need to accomplish this, at your local home improvement store. Once it is done, you can feel confident that you will never have to worry about the expensive cost of repairing damage caused by exterior moisture.